While every game needs to start as centralized, we strongly believe in the crypto ethos of letting the community take control. Game studios often make decisions that go against the community consensus, and decentralization is a way to solve that. To prevent whales from calling the shots, we will eventually implement ways for smaller token holders to have a relatively larger vote per token held.
We would like to introduce governance in 4 steps:
Step 1: No governance
We begin here. The game is designed by the SuR team and we call the shots for now. This is crucial for the early stages when quick iterations may be necessary, the game process needs to be stabilized and completed.
Step 2: Start of the governance
Larger decisions are still made by the SuR team but the community joins to govern on smaller decisions like submitting game update proposals to the team, voting on the order and importance of planned updates, upcoming cosmetics, etc.
Step 3: Community takes charge
The community is involved in governing big decisions like adding, removing or tweaking game modes & mechanics, controlling the treasury funds, etc. We will introduce this step with great care when the game is ready and our community is mature enough, as bad governance could turn a great game into dust.
Step 4: Full decentralization
The SuR team steps back completely and lets the community control the game. We will only get involved in the community decides they want us to be. We accounted for full decentralization while creating Stumble upon Rumble. For example, uploading of customization options can be done in a systematic way that we can easily make open source.