Stumble upon Rumble is the first-ever play-to-earn game that is fully based on players’ skills. We have built our game on the Arbitrum blockchain and it is ready to go live very soon. Apart from being among the first-movers in blockchain gaming, we also offer a whole range of cool & unique features that make us stand out from the rest.
While creating SuR we took inspiration both in the games we played in our childhoods - simple and competitive - and the ones we have in the play-to-earn era. We gathered only the best qualities of retro games and blockchain games, subtracted any possible drawbacks of both and mixed everything in Stumble upon Rumble.
Why will you want to play Stumble upon Rumble and what makes us stand out among the competition?
🥊 Stumble upon Rumble is free & accessible
We are a free-to-play game on the Arbitrum blockchain. This means that players can access SuR from anywhere in the world without any restrictions. We did not like that the current blockchain gaming space favors high-paying players and designed SuR in a way that you don’t need to pay for any in-game assets to succeed. SuR eliminates all entry barriers for all players.
🥊 Stumble upon Rumble is 100% skill-based
Stumble upon Rumble is designed to be a timeless game that brings gaming back to its root: skill. Removing all pay-to-win and chance elements, we get players back on a level playing field they have not experienced since the days of Pong. There are no buyable upgrades that give you an advantage in a fight. Every outcome is fully based on players’ skills which makes it a level playing field for everyone.
🥊 Stumble upon Rumble is competitive
While the gameplay is simple, the strategies that can be used are infinite, so no match is ever the same. Because of this, the skill cap for the game is high and we look forward to seeing our player base become better and better as time goes on. We welcome the good old competition between players and think that the most fun will come from it.
🥊 Stumble upon Rumble is profitable
As a blockchain game, we provide many opportunities for our users to earn while playing. The rule is simple - the more you win, the more you earn. Winning players have various ways to earn native $GLOVE tokens and NFTs in SuR.
As the game is 100% skill-based, you can also wager. This will be the core of our economy as it is not only fun and intense but also sustainable until the end of time. As players remain in full control of the outcome of a match, wagering is completely legal. Initially, the $GLOVE token will be used for players to wager on themselves. Later you will also be able to stake behind top players and get a share of their earnings.
Besides token rewards, players can also earn and collect cosmetic NFTs to personalize their in-game experience. NFTs can be later sold on secondary markets. You can also get exclusive legendary NFTs that can turn out to be very valuable for winning tournaments.
🥊 Stumble upon Rumble is cutting-edge
SuR is committed to launching with fast, cheap, and eco-friendly transactions. This makes the game accessible for everyone and solves the issues that many of the traditional gamers have with crypto.
🥊 Stumble upon Rumble is fun & customizable
Design and visual aspects are a big deal in gaming. We decided to take an unconventional path here and use pixel art in our game. It tackles multiple spots at once making the SuR game design unusual, fun and timeless. Pixel art brings the player into a nostalgic childhood mood and simplifies the game, letting players focus on the action instead of graphics.
Moreover, SuR offers another way to make playing even more fun through NFTs. We want to give you an opportunity to truly express yourself in the ring via our extensive customization system. You can purchase different skins created by us and our partners for your players to stand out.
As we grow, we will launch more customization options & cool NFT partnerships to introduce SuR to various partner communities and bring more engagement to ours. We have already partnered with top ecosystem projects and are looking forward to seeing them in our ring!
🥊 Stumble upon Rumble is social & engaging
We know that socialising is very important for you and wanted to create some in-game downtime for you, too. SuR fights always happen in real-time with real people. You have 2 options here. You can either choose to join the live queue, get in the ring and test your skills or relax and socialise with up to 40 other players in the room while watching fights in the ring.
We are working on introducing more mechanics for you to socialise in the game. Over time you will get a chance to participate in team-based events, tournaments, boss fights, mini-games and other activities with more players.
🥊 Stumble upon Rumble is the playing field for every community
We are creating a diverse playing field for different communities through our partnerships and integrations with other projects from the crypto & NFT ecosystem, influencers & sports worlds. Think token projects, NFT collections, influencers and celebrities. Our community will be able to enjoy the integrations and play with the cosmetic NFTs representing their favorites.
This file is in beta, and we have full permission to change it at any given time.
Last modified 4mo ago