🔁Core Gameloop

Naturally, the core game loop revolves around Rumbling!

Players join a server that can hold up to 30 players. They spawn inside the lounge area, where they can already find other players and chat. When the player is settled in, they can press the fight button and join the queue.

The game works with a queue system because there is only one main ring at the top of the room. Players can enter this arena and spectate the fight while waiting for their turn. The winner of the fight gets to continue fighting the next person in the queue and his win streak is tracked and shown to the other players in the server.


Many of our beta testers asked for more ways to practice besides fighting in the big ring. They also asked for more things to do while waiting their turn, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone. We have sacrificed the bottom of the lounge area and added two practice rings where players can freely walk in and out to fight the other players.

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