👾Boss Fights (Coming)

To add even more depth to the game, we plan to add Boss Fights to the game at a later stage. There will be permanent boss fights that unlock based on achievements, but the majority of Boss Fights will be Live Events, meaning they will only be playable for a short time period.

There will be a way to participate for free to win cosmetics, but there will also be a separate leaderboard with an entry fee in which the fastest players get prizes.

In addition to standard Boss Fights, we see a BIG opportunity for sponsored Boss Fights. Once we have established a large player base of web3 gamers, this becomes an incredibly attractive audience for other companies and projects. And what better way to target them than by a super engaging boss fight in which they meet the brand?

Example 1: Binance is looking to onboard our users to their exchange and feature CZ as a giant boss to beat. Before players can participate, they must register for an account on the Binance exchange. After we have confirmed they have an account, the player can start fighting CZ for a chance to win special Binance prizes such as BNB tokens, merch, and more.

Example 2: A new NFT project is about to start its mint. They have a very unique IP based around purple aliens. All of our players who follow them on Twitter and join their Discord, get to fight the Purple Alien boss. The top 100 fastest players to defeat the Purple Alien boss get a whitelist spot for the upcoming mint. Now those are the people you want to have in your community!


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