đŸ’ŦSocial First

Stumble upon Rumble is designed to be a social experience foremost.

We deliberately have one main fighting arena. This nudges players to spectate each other and invites players to communicate with their fellow players, both in and out of the ring.

The benefits of having a social game are plentiful:

  • Retention: When players have social ties inside of a game, they are much more likely to return to play again.

  • Longer Session Times: Players get less worn out from focusing on the gameplay because they have relaxing periods of chatting in between. The social interactions also make the gameplay more diverse and interesting, keeping them engaged for longer.

  • Monetization: Players care much more about their appearance when they are constantly surrounded by other players, making them more likely to spend on cosmetics. The PvP betting is also positively impacted, as people are more likely to bet when they see others doing the same.

  • Marketing: Social games are best played with friends, which is why players are more likely to recommend their friends to play the game as well. They are also more likely to post about it on social media.

Social Gaming is a $20+ billion market with an annualized growth rate of 16%. That isn't without reason!

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