🎮The Game

Stumble upon Rumble is designed to be COMPLETELY skill-based.

Fed up by the dominance of Pay-to-Win games and micro-transactions, we set on a mission to create the fairest & most competitive PvP experience. There are no stats, no upgrades, no power-ups, no RnG. At the end of the match, the winner can truly say he was the better player. It's like the old days of gaming when winning a game against your friend really gave you boasting rights.

In terms of game design, we took inspiration from old classics and gave our own twist to it. For the gamers who have been around: The overall game mechanics may remind you of the original Zelda titles, where movement also played a key role in defeating your enemies. The pixel art style with the boxing theme may of course remind you of the world of Punch Out, where reading your opponent and timing your attacks were essential to victory.

Iterating on top of these proven concepts of game mechanics gives us a lot more certainty about whether players will enjoy this while still creating an experience that players have never seen before.

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