Cosmetics & NFTs

The vision for Stumble upon Rumble is to create the craziest, most diverse experience we can. As a hyper-social game, players need to be able to express themselves as extensively as possible.
We're a bit of a 'degen' game, we try to encompass this with our cosmetics. We have a wide variety of cosmetics ranging from general themes to funny, meme-y characters. We also may exaggerate certain characters or take a satirical approach to how we show characters.
By having so many different characters that in some cases also represent vastly different opinions, we aim to spark interesting dynamics within the servers. Bored apes vs Miladies, Ethereum maxis vs Solana maxis, cat lovers vs dog lovers, conservatives vs progressives, either connecting or competing for each others' tokens. All in a light-hearted and fun way.
Stumble upon Rumble's cosmetic selection menu