🌟Influencers & Celebrities

Beyond communities that form around Web3 projects, there are many influencers in celebrities with tight communities. Some people identify as a fan of a certain person more than anything. That's why we're also happy to integrate individual people into our game.

In some cases, when the person has his own NFT collection or is involved with a project, that is easy to do. We simply use that as the access condition just like we do for Web3 projects. For example, holding a minimum FTM balance will let you play as Andre Cronje, and holding an NFT of Lawliette's Lab lets you play as 0xLawliette. However, most influencers do not have their own on-chain asset.

Friend Tech

Friend Tech finally gave us a way to verify ownership of individuals. We quickly identified the opportunity and already have the Friend Tech integration live using our dashboard. Holding an influencer's key on Friend Tech gives you access to fight as their character in-game.

We are optimistic about the future of SocialFi and will work with whatever platform ends up winning the race.

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