đŸŽŦOpportunity for Streamers

Stumble upon Rumble is the perfect game for streamers.

  1. Great Content

The fights are fast-paced and easy to understand for the viewer. The social setting and wide variety of communities in the game make for fun moments, and the viewers may even be in the same server sometimes. The gameplay is repeatable with every fight being different, and once we have the mini-games live there will be enough to engage the viewers in between fights.

  1. The Wagering

The wagering aspects also make for HIGHLY engaging content. People love to feel the thrill of betting, even if it's the streamer doing it instead of themselves. Just look at the casino streams by Stake in partnership with many of the top streamers. Now imagine how much fun it would be with an actual game tied to it.

Taking things a step further, people will be able to stake tokens behind their favorite streamer. Now they are not just watching their favorite streamer wager, but they are literally wagering alongside them. The streamer and the viewers win and lose together. This creates incredibly engaged viewers.

  1. Earning Potential

We have great programs for the streamer to monetize. With our referral program, the streamer can earn fees on all the volume done by its referees. This can ramp up to big amounts.

Besides this, streamers earn when their viewers stake tokens behind them. Read Benefit for the Player for more details.

  1. Custom Streamer Character

Upon request, we can create a custom character for streamers. This makes you extra recognizable in the game, both for people on-stream and for other players meeting you in the game.

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