đŸ“ēRewarded Ads (Coming)

As a Free-to-Play game focused on mobile, there will be plenty of players who will not spend their own money on the game. This is fine, but we still want to offer these players an opportunity to earn some sweet $GLOVE.

While in the lobby, players may opt-in to watch a Rewarded Ad. We share the majority of the earnings from this ad directly with the player, directly in $GLOVE.

While some players may choose to cash out their free $GLOVE, the 'free money' perception may make it much more likely for them to spend their earned $GLOVE back in the game, either on new cosmetic items or by participating in the PvP wagers.

We look forward to seeing the first success story of a player who bootstrapped his $GLOVE balance with ads and then runs it up to a huge stack in PvP wagers!

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