🙅Benefit for the Player

Part of the fee that is collected from the stakers' winnings is given to the player they are staking behind. This makes it incredibly attractive for players to gather a large backing.

While the numbers are subject to change, players can earn up to 2.5% of the total winnings as a fee. Say a player has a backing of 100,000 $GLOVE. Every time he wins a fight, he earns 25 $GLOVE from his stakers. This is on top of the winnings he gets for his own wager.

Players can grow their backing simply by performing well. By winning lots of fights, their stats will improve and they will become more noticeable on the staking dashboard. Of course, there are also other ways to increase his backing. Exposure can be obtained by finishing high on the seasonal leaderboards, winning tournaments, and even making content about the game. Players can also lobby to token holders directly within the community.

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