👨‍đŸ’ŧBenefit for the Token Holder

As has been prominent in many Web3 games, a large percentage of token holders seem to have no time or interest in actually playing the game. This means many token holders are more passive participants.

In most games, that's the end of it. But not us. We still want to reach out to the passive token holders and include them in the excitement! By backing other players, they can still participate in the game economy, increase their $GLOVE stash, and experience the thrill of the fights. Instead of practicing the game and spending their time playing the game, they can just monitor the dashboard and pick other players to do the work for them.

That's the benefit for token holders individually. But the entire group of token holders also strongly benefits from large participation in staking.

When more tokens are staked behind players, the frequency and size of staking wagers are increased, which leads to faster and larger token burns. Therefore, the higher the participation, the faster the token supply decreases.

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