đŸĨŠGlove NFTs

The Glove NFTs is a free mint collection of 834 NFTs that was conducted in the summer of 2023. The Glove NFTs can be worn on the base Rumbler character in the game and are a part of the launch of our $GLOVE token.

You can find the Glove NFTs at: https://opensea.io/collection/sur-boxing-gloves

We initially released the Glove NFTs as we were preparing to launch our $GLOVE token. But unfortunately, we could not reach the desired results amid the bear market and we had to postpone the launch. That said, we will continue to support our Glove NFTs and they will still be included in the $GLOVE launch when it happens.

Some things to watch:

Cosmetic Appeal

Every pair of gloves has a unique pattern + color combination which is shown the same way on your character inside the game. Make sure you like the way your gloves look!

$GLOVE Competition Wins

As a part of the reward program, we keep track of all the wins that the player gets while wearing the Glove NFT in the game. The current number of wins that a Glove NFT has accrued can be seen in the metadata by looking at the $GLOVE Competition Wins trait on OpenSea. Wins can continue to be increased by playing the game.

Airdrop Trait

Every NFT has an airdrop trait that is either 'Normal Airdrop' or 'Boosted Airdrop'. NFTs with the Boosted Airdrop trait will be rewarded a bit more generously.


We have a total of 8 1/1 NFTs in the collection. They can be recognized by their gold background and by the 1/1 trait in the rarity category. The 1/1 NFTs will be rewarded even more generously, and they look super cool in-game of course!

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