We currently have three cosmetics the players can customize themselves with: characters, hats, and arenas. Players can mix and match these as they wish, either pure visually or by selecting the different cosmetics they feel most representative of themselves.


The main cosmetic of the game is the character. It's constantly visible as you walk around the lounge and arena. Some characters also have unique animations that suit the overall theme of the character. Especially the victory animations contain a lot of variance, as we try to showcase each character as uniquely as possible.


Hats can be worn on top of any other character. Because of this, you can create more unique combinations to stand out even more!


Arenas are the biggest art pieces that allow us to include a lot of details. They are a bit more tricky though, as only a single arena is shown in a server at a time. The arena that is shown is the one that belongs to the streaking player. This makes it a bit of a flex as when you're streaking every single person in the server will see and walk around in your arena.

These are the first three cosmetics we include at the moment, but we plan to expand on them in the future with things like pets, trails, accessories, and more.


Cosmetics primarily come in the form of NFTs. Players connect their wallet to their game account, and we simply read the blockchain to see which cosmetics they should have in the game based on which NFTs they own. Players can also purchase cosmetics directly in the game, in which case they will automatically be added to the players' in-game wallets.

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