đŸ‘ĨBacking Other Players (Coming)

Perhaps our most groundbreaking feature, we're truly the first to ever do it. Take some time to let it sink in.

While the PvP wagering in an MMO-type setting is a lot of fun and interesting from a monetization perspective, the game truly changes when players can back other players.

The way we will set this up is as a staking feature. Players can enter a dashboard that ranks all the players in the game and shows the user all the relevant stats per player. Based on this information, they can choose to stake their tokens behind one or more different players. From that point onwards, they more or less mirror the bets of the player(s) they selected.

This is massive from the perspective of the token economy. In PvP fighting, the total stakes will generally be much lower and therefore the token burn per match will be relatively small. When stakes are added behind them, the total wager size per match can increase exponentially leading to big token burns after every single match.

It's like derivates for wager matches. The derivatives market and volume tend to be many times larger than that of the underlying.

So how does it work?

What happens is that every time two players start a wager fight, both of their stakers also start a wager against each other. This works as a fixed % of the total stake, and just as in PvP wagers the smallest stake applies to both. At the end of the fight, the winnings are returned to the winners' stake pool, minus a small fee.

Example: Player A has 500,000 $GLOVE staked behind him while Player B has 100,000 $GLOVE staked behind him. The players themselves are choosing the mid-sized bet, which means a mid-sized bet is also applied to the stakers. The mid-sized bet size in this format is 0.5% of the total stake.

Because 100,000 is the lowest stake, 0.5% of 100,000 = 500 $GLOVE is chosen for both stake groups. Player A wins. Player A's stake pool now grows to 500,425, while Player B's stake pool decreases to 99,500. 75 $GLOVE is taken as a fee. Player A's stakers can now withdraw more $GLOVE from the pool than they deposited, whereas Player B's stakers can withdraw less.

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