📈Market Opportunity

This subsector of the gaming market is called 'Real Money Gaming' (RMG). It's currently estimated to do $2 billion in revenue annually, and this number is growing year over year.

It's incredibly big in emerging markets like India. Out of the $2 billion p.a., roughly $660 million comes from the Indian market alone. The younger generations tend to show the future, and as it turns out 50% of India's Gen Z gamers play Real Money Games!

But it's not just big in emerging markets, as is shown by SKILLZ, a U.S.-listed company that did over $2.4 billion in wagering volume in 2021 alone.

Stumble upon Rumble's secret sauce đŸĨŖ

The current Real Money Gaming landscape is quite primitive. The available games tend to be mini-games where two players simply take turns playing the game, and the person with the highest score wins.

This while generally betting experiences tend to be favored towards social. Heck, the genre of casino games is called 'Social Casino'.

With Stumble upon Rumble, we put the focus entirely on the social aspects. This social setting is expected to have a major positive impact on the wagering activity of the players in-game.

We are the first MMO game to integrate Real Money Gaming into our core game loop and we can not wait to watch it unfold!

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