🎭Partner Integrations

As we mentioned, we find it very important that players can represent themselves as well as possible. This has taken another level with Web3, where digital ownership has become a thing and people feel deeply connected to the communities they are a part of.

Because of this, we want people to be able to represent their favorite Web3 communities. Players can connect their wallets on our dashboard with a read-only connection. From that point forward, we simply view the blockchain to see which assets the player owns and automatically credit them with the cosmetics.

The requirement is always to hold one of the communities' own assets. For example, to play Pixelmon's Kevin character, you need to own a Pixelmon NFT. This way the people playing as Kevin are only Pixelmon's real community members, and not just someone who thought the zombie looked funny and bought the cosmetic item in the shop.

Integrating all these different communities creates very interesting dynamics. Players will recognize others that are part of the same communities as them, and immediately be able to connect with them. They may also be interested in certain communities and spark a conversation with them, for example, someone interested in options trading might ask someone playing as the Premia Owl some questions. Lastly, in a game of fighting and wagering it may create some fun rivalries between different communities.

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