Token Utility

GLOVE is the native token of the Stumble upon Rumble ecosystem.
The key to our token economics is that it does not rely on game-side incentives like fixed rewards per match. Instead, the economy thrives on zero-sum peer-to-peer incentives. We also accounted for enough token sinks to kickstart deflationary mechanism if the community governance rules on it.
GLOVE has several utilities and can be used for:
Primary market sales
There are exclusive items that will only be sold in-game in return for the native token. It can also be used to burn or reward token holders as part of the sales profit funds the treasury,
Wagering: the house always wins
There is a small fee hidden in the payouts like that of traditional bookmakers when players wager amongst themselves, against the AI or on ongoing tournaments. For example, if both players wager 1 token, the winner receives 1.95 tokens, the loser receives none and the remaining 0.05 tokens go back to the treasury.
Admission fees
Some game modes like tournaments or boss fights will require an entry fee to participate. In tournaments, a large part of the fees is used to pay out the winners, but there can still be a small fee for the house. In boss fights, a large part of the fee goes back into the treasury which can create a big sink.
Custom characters: whale sink
There is an opportunity for whale-players to team up with one of our artists and design his exclusive character for a large number of tokens like 100K tokens.
Staking and LP rewards
We will set aside a part of the tokens to incentivize token holders who engage in staking and liquidity provision.