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Token Fights

As mentioned before, token fights are completely legal in Stumble upon Rumble as the player remains in full control over the outcome of a 100% skill-based game. We offer several options to earn through token fights in-game.
Player vs Player
Players who are confident in their own abilities can participate in token fights to earn $GLOVE tokens.
Players can indicate how much they would like to put up against their opponent before the fight starts. In order to simplify and speed up the process, we will offer four levels: high, medium, low, and zero. The lowest stake will be used for both players. The exact numbers for each tier are TBD and will be adjusted if the $GLOVE token price fluctuates dramatically.
Player vs the AI
The player can choose between different AI difficulty levels with varying payouts. For example, a 'normal' AI with a payout of 2X your stake, a 'hard' AI with a payout of 4X your stake, and an 'extreme' AI with a payout of 10X your stake.
AI matches are a good option for the times when there might not be enough players online to guarantee a quick matchup for the payer.
The beauty of these matches is that the AI is self-adjusting, meaning that it is a zero-sum game among players. For the normal AI with a 2X payout, the accompanying AI program would self-adjust its difficulty so that the entire player base's win rate always stays around 50%. When the win rate is higher, the difficulty is increased so that fewer players win. If the win rate drops too low, the AI match becomes easier. The same counts for harder AIs, so a 10X payout would regulate around a 10% win rate.
Effectively players are estimating that they are better than the threshold of the entire player base, rather than a particular player. For example, a 2X return AI basically means you think that you are better than 50% of the players fighting against it.
Backing Top Players
We understand that backing yourself might not be very attractive for a casual player or investor. Hence, we offer an option of wagering by staking your $GLOVE tokens to back one of the top players. You can choose the current fighters in the ring or the ones at the top of the leaderboard. ​ If two players with stakers behind them participate in a token fight, the stakers from both sides automatically put up a stake against each other as well. This will be a fixed % of the lowest stake between the two. The proceeds or losses will be added or subtracted from the total stakes.
Top players have a high incentive to secure a large backing because part of the proceeds goes back to the winning player. We are only up for fair fights, so there will be restrictions and close monitoring of fighters to ensure that top players are not colluding to take tokens away from their stakers.
Stakers’ wagering will automatically pause if a player has lost X% within a specified time period. Top players’ stakers can only fight against another top player’s stakers X times per day.