In-game NFTs

We offer various customization options in-game because it is an essential fun element of playing. Most of the customization happens in the form of NFTs that are minted in limited numbers subject to their rarity class. Once minted, NFTs supply can not be inflated, so the only option to purchase these NFTs will be on the secondary markets. It’s important to repeat that no customization option provides an in-game advantage - it is used purely for fun and added dimension to the game experience.

There are 3 customization areas: fighters, hats, and arenas.

Players can customize their fighter’s look. Fighters can be unique not only in their appearance but also in their animations. Some fighters may have a normal low-kick, while others have a spinning high-kick, some fighters may celebrate the victory by waving their arms up in the air, while others take a respectful bow.
Players can select a hat for their fighters to wear to create a unique fighting look.
Players can upgrade the appearance of the arena they fight in. As we can show only one arena tp all players at once, we automatically show the arena of the player that is streaking and won the last fight. This player acts as the ‘home fighter’ and fights from the red corner. Well-performing players can gather a larger audience in their arena and can unlock some special attributes.
Each type of customized NFT is rare and is minted in a limited amount. All rarity numbers will scale as the game’s player base grows. This can cause early common NFTs to practically become rare later on. For example, a common hat might be limited to 1000 in the early days, but as the player base grows new common hats will be limited to 5000.