Game Mechanics

We describe the Stumble upon Rumble gameplay as easy to learn but hard to master.
Players have two types of actions at their disposal: movement and attack. These are the only mechanics that are available to the players, there are no additional attacks or upgrades available. This is to ensure a level playing field for everyone. ​
The player can move in 8 directions: up, down, left, right and each of the diagonals. The movement happens instantly. We foresee that fighters will work on their unique technique to create deceiving moves that trick the opponent.
Players can use 3 attack mechanics in the game: punch, kick and block. They follow somewhat of a Rock-Paper-Scissors design, where each beats one but loses to the other. The punch is a fast attack but its downside is that it can be blocked, leaving the player stunned. The kick goes straight through the enemy’s block but takes a while to execute, which is why it can be countered with a punchmaking it counterable with a punch. The block can instantly stun punching enemies but leaves players tied to one place and their sides exposed to hits.
There will be other game modes to experience in Stumble upon Rumble, too. All of them will be rolled out in time. We want to involve our community in the governance process by letting them suggest game modes & mini-games and voting on their priority.

Some of the game modes we have in mind:

1 vs 1 Arena
The core gameplay. Players queue up in a server room of up to 30 users and take turns fighting each other on the ring.
While two players fight other users can view the fight to learn from the strategies or simply socialize with peers in the room. The fight winner stays on the ring and takes up the next fight, while the loser gets back in the live queue.
In the beginning, this game mode will be incentivized with rewards for the first X matches played daily. In addition, there will be seasonal leaderboards with bigger rewards for users of this game mode.
4 vs 4 & 2 vs 2
This game mode will require some sort of clan system where players form a group and get placed on the leaderboard together. The ring expands accordingly so that the players have plenty of room to move around. This game mode creates incredible dynamics as teams can form their own collaborative strategies.
Limited time events & Boss Fights
Those are the events where players get to challenge an AI opponent with special abilities during a particular time frame, such as one weekend. Successful attempts get rewarded with reward chests that can contain special NFTs available only during the event.
We are working on a variety of fun mini-games that will be open at set times with accompanying live streams. Looking forward to the ideas from our community on the mini-games you want to watch & participate in.
Tournaments will be held on a periodical basis and can be applied to any of the game modes. Top players are rewarded with unique one-off NFTs and native $GLOVE tokens. Players who score the most victories in normal matches will get qualified for the tournaments, so only the best of the best will get the opportunity to compete. In addition, we plan to run daily tournaments where players chip in a share of $GLOVE tokens to the pool and the winner receives all the tokens in the pool.